Recently, they were entrusted with a critical project by a well drilling company facing a significant challenge. The client’s water well drilling rig, which had been in operation for many years, had worn out and broken down, jeopardizing their ability to efficiently and effectively provide vital well drilling services to their community. 

The importance of the water well drilling rig to the client’s business cannot be overstated. It served as the workhorse that enabled them to dig wells. Many households and farms relied on the services provided by this well drilling company, and the reliability and performance of their rig were paramount to meet the growing demand for water wells in the area. Without a functioning and well-maintained rig, the company’s ability to deliver on its commitments and meet the needs of their customers was severely compromised.


The water well drilling rig in question had weathered years of rigorous service, showing signs of extensive wear and tear. Its mechanical components had become inefficient, and its structural integrity was compromised, making it prone to breakdowns. To ensure the continued reliability of this vital piece of equipment, it was clear that comprehensive repairs and refurbishment were urgently needed to extend its lifespan and restore its performance to optimal levels.


Rotary Drill Service, a renowned expert in water well drilling rig repair and refurbishment, recently undertook a crucial project for Mullis Well Drilling. The well drilling rig, previously worn out and unreliable, underwent a transformation under the skilled hands of Rotary Drill Service’s technicians. Through meticulous repairs and refurbishment, they revitalized the rig, enhancing its operational efficiency and structural integrity. This successful restoration not only salvaged a valuable asset for Mullis Well Drilling but also reinvigorated their capacity to provide essential well drilling services to their community with renewed confidence and reliability.



Recognizing the significance of the project, Rotary Drill Service brought their unparalleled expertise to bear on the task. They conducted a thorough assessment of the rig, identifying the areas in need of repair and refurbishment. With their skilled team and access to top-quality replacement parts, they were able to restore the rig to its optimal operational condition. The careful attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that the water well drilling rig was not just repaired but upgraded to meet the evolving requirements of the well drilling industry. This successful refurbishment not only revived the well drilling company’s core asset but also bolstered their capability to continue delivering essential services, ensuring the community’s access to clean and reliable water sources. In such cases, the precision and expertise of companies like Rotary Drill Service play a pivotal role in safeguarding the operations and mission of well drilling companies, highlighting the importance of getting the repair job done correctly.

Services performed on this water well drilling rig for Mullis Well Drilling include (but not limited to):


Refurbish and reassemble all hydraulic pumps and motors. 

Control Panel

Refurbish and reassemble all hydraulic valves.


Remove and replace engine with a Reman exchange engine from CAT. 

Compressor Hoses

Refurbish and reassemble all compressor oil hoses. 


Refurbish and reassemble compressor with Doosan / Direct Drive.


Install drive material for Doosan compressor. 


Refurbish and reassemble all control panel gauges.


Refurbish and reassemble and repack all hydraulic cylinders.

Pump Drive

Refurbish and reassemble pump drive gear box and coupling elements. 

Water Injection

Refurbish and reassemble and replace water injection pump. 

Rotation Head

Refurbish and reassemble and rebuild rotation gear box, slabback, and gearbox support. 

Lazy Susan

Repair carousel assembly back to factory specs. 

Hydraulic Tank

Refurbish and reassemble and clean hydraulic tank, and replace all filters. 

Hydraulic Hoses

Refurbish and reassemble all hydraulic hoses. 

Air Regulation

Refurbish and reassemble all all compressor regulators, valves, inlet cylinder, and hoses. 

Rig Painting

Clean, sandblast, and repaint rig with aircraft quality paint. 

Carrier Painting

Clean, prep, and repaint rig carrier with factory type paint. 


Fabricate and install slide out walkways. 


Replace operators and helpers platform. 


Replace frame with customer purchased frame from Schramm. 


Repair hydralic table assembly. 

Heat Exchanger

Refurbish, reassemble, clean, and repair cooler assembly. 

Floating Sub

Refurbish and reassemble floating sub and saver sub. 


Replace lubricator pump. 


Refurbish and reassemble all wiring harnesses. 


Refurbish and reassemble feed chains, pulleys, pins, bushings, seals, and thrust washers. 


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